How to Wear a Boob Tape: Tips for Absolute Beginners

One of the quickest ways to get a confidence dip is by being uncomfortable in your outfit.

Let me tell you queen, no matter how good people say you look in an outfit, if you don’t feel good, or if you are conscious all day about something that may be a miss, you won’t believe them.

A lot of times bras just don’t cut it. Sometimes we don’t even want them showing through our dress, but we want that perky look. This was such an issue a couple of years back. Thank God for the invention of boob tapes! I mean, the struggle back then to get those boobs looking good in that dress! Let’s not even go into that.

Now boob tapes are used for so many reasons by different people. They’re used to give the breasts a lift, give the chest a flatter appearance, create some cleavage or even reduce movement. 

There are a number of ways to style a boob tape, but the most important thing is to get the right tape; one designed specifically for prolonged contact with the skin.

Wearing a boob tape



The first thing to do is a patch test. This is a vital step. 

A patch test is pretty much to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction to the glue of the tape before using it. Everyone has a different level of skin sensitivity and the breasts have really soft skin, so we need to be sure that in a bid to look great, you don’t leave your breasts with rashes or even worse.


Doing a patch test on a boob tape.

  • Cut a small piece of the tape you intend to use and stick it to a part of your skin that is as soft as your breasts, preferably on the inner skin of your upper arm. 
  • Leave it for as long as you would on your boobs when wearing it.
  • Take it out after about 24 hours and check how your skin looks.
  • If all looks good by the following day, then we’re good to go.

The next step is deciding what you need this for? What are you trying to achieve with the tape?


There are two common dress types that may require a boob tape;

  • A low plunging dress
  • A strapless or backless dress

We could also be looking to keep the boobs in place under the dress. 

Boob taping for a low plunging dress

For a plunging neckline, it’s pretty straight forward:

  1. The first step for any application is to ensure your breasts are clean and free of skin products. Products like oils and body creams may prevent the tape from sticking firmly.
  2. Next, you want to measure the length between the base of your breasts and just behind your shoulder. You may do this easily by rolling out the tape and stretching it to cover that length without touching your skin.
  3. Ensure to place a nipple cover over your nipples or a cotton pad before taping up.
  4. Lift up your boobs as if to give the push-up bra effect and stick one end of the tape to the base of your breast. Then you pull all the way through to just behind your shoulders. This will ensure a great hold.
  5. Take out one more strip of tape and repeat the process, placing the outer edge of the tape just a little bit over the initial tape, to ensure it’s covering the right amount of skin. The width of the tape or number of strips will depend on what you’re comfortable with.
  6. Next, repeat this with the other breast.

This style can also be used for emphasis on the cleavage


Boob taping for a strapless/backless dress

  1. To achieve this, you have to hold your breasts together, as if you want to make them touch each other. Measure out a strip long enough to hold both in place in that position.
  2. Ensure to wear a nipple cover over your nipples or a cotton pad.
  3. Hold the boobs together in place and place the strip over them from beneath just like in the image above. You don’t want to cover your boobs completely, to avoid a slip.
  4. Next, repeat this same process with another strip of tape long enough and tape just slightly over the initial tape either higher or lower. You want to ensure you tape them in a lifting manner.
  5. The length of the tape from side to side will depend on your dress. 


Tips for tapes

Here are some tips to guide us when using a boob tape:

  • Practice ahead of time, don’t wait until the d-day to attempt it so you don’t get disappointed.
  • Ensure your nipples stay covered before taping, it makes removing it easier and prevents you from hurting yourself.
  • Do not pull on your breasts too much during taping, be gentle.
  • Do not use tape on injured or sun-burned skin.
  • You may need to ask a friend to help you with taping for certain styles, to avoid getting frustrated.
  • Try not to use a boob tape if you’ll be going to areas that may cause you to sweat as sweat causes the tape to lose its stickiness.


How to remove the boob tape


This is the least exciting part, I know, sigh.

For ease, you may go straight ahead to have a hot bath with the tape on. This will help with softening it and making it less painful to peel off. 

If this is not enough and it still hurts to peel, you may want to soak in a bubble bath for a couple of minutes. This should do the trick. 

Make sure to oil your breasts with some baby oil immediately after peeling off. This will help soothe your skin and also help soften any sticky residue left.


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Amazing yeah?

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